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Friday, September 23, 2011


There are many chapters in one's life, and all chapters are created by the one living the life; namely YOU.

Whether you are successful or you are suffering the consequences of a poor choice; God knows we all make them.  Your life and outcomes are all decided by you and the daily choices you make. Like my mother used to say if she thought I made a bad choice; "you have led your ducks to a poor pond, but its your ducks and your pond."  Oh how correct she was... most of the time LOL! My mother was great at giving advice, but she fell short of following her own advice; "PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH."

Funny now that she is gone, so many of the sayings she used to use always pop up in my thoughts and vocabulary. She may not have followed her own advice, but some of the things she always used to say has made a great impact on me.

When life throws you lemons, get out of that "poor-pitty-party" mood and make some margarita's baby, and be sure to use the good vodka!! We all have bad days, but it's up to you as to how you handle them. Don't give excuses to justify as to why you are in a bad mood, and by all means do not dwell on it. Being in a good mood is a CHOICE regardless of the circumstances.  Whether you choose to be a victim or you choose victory is soley up to you. Life is what you make it.  Live and love today; as you never know if you will have a tomorrow....

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